Department of Legal Affairs, Office of the President Walailak University


                Department of Legal Affairs, Office of the President Walailak University is responsible for the university’s law. The main task is to be the university’s legal center. There are 3 main tasks :
1. General Administration
2. Legal Affairs and Legal Development
3. Investigation and Discipline

Main mission

                Jurisprudence is the center of the University’s law services. Providing legal services for all types of contracts such as procurement contracts under the procurement system. Scholarship agreement Research Contract and Academic Service Agreement To enter into cooperation agreements with private organizations or state or international organizations, including private partnership contracts, civil cases, criminal cases, intellectual property and international trade. Investigation and discipline, such as the investigation of the facts of the package. Investigation of tort liability. Facts about Human Resources Management Discipline discipline, personnel, legal development, such as improving the rules, regulations, regulations and announcements of the university in relation to Personnel management Academic Administration Package Management Finance and Budget Management Legal Advisory Services Legal Support, University Legal Advisory Board Legal support, Secretary of the Appeals and Appeals Board Provides legal consultancy services to upper and middle level executives and provides law services to all types of university employees. Intellectual Property Protection on University Resources Provide legal services as assigned by the university. Academic services for students and the general public.


                “It is an organization that creates good governance. Justice Services Transparency Leader Pay attention to the service”


                Strengthen the service management principles. Based on the rule of law and the state law, the principle of integrity, principle of transparency. Principles of participation The principle of integrated services is to coordinate the mission of the law services.


              To drive the organization into a fair state. Strengthen the governance system as a model for good governance.